about nail art club

Success has always stemmed from being different. Great leaders, influencers and innovators of the world change it and inspire others do the same by not following and adhering to the status quo. They rise above others because they’re brave, bold and are comfortable with who they are. They ask for help, partner with others and take incremental steps to achieve success as they define it.

They are bold. They are different. They are themselves.

At Nail Art Club Inc., we love being different. In fact, our purpose is to improve the lives of women worldwide by learning to accept, love and embrace our differences.

When you embrace your differences, you discover the courage to try new things, to let your hair down and take a moment to enjoy the experience rather than letting it pass you by. But, sometimes you need simple small reminders to play…even if only for a minute or two…because play improves productivity, creativity and helps create a life that’s full.

Our Free Nail Art Club provides special discounts and free nail wraps to our members.
Our nail wrap kits include unique, quick and easy to apply nail art wraps that transform your nails into works of art. When you place your nail wraps on your fingernails, you can transform into the hero, villain or intergalactic princess warrior. Nobody knows but you, unless, of course, you tell the hundreds of people who stop you to tell you how much they love your nails.

Through our nail art club wraps we encourage you to try something different because when you try something different, you learn so much more about yourself giving you confidence that you’ve never had before.

Be Bold. Be Different. Be You.

As a benefit corporation, we have made a conscious choice to make a material positive impact on society and the environment. We’re held to higher standards of accountability and transparency than other businesses. We choose and embrace being a different corporation. One who’s mission is to improve the lives of women worldwide.

For every nail wrap kit we sell, we donate nail wrap kits and cash donations to non-profit organizations that work towards the betterment of women. These organizations help teens and women get a better start, transition out of an abusive situation, become self-sufficient, start their own businesses or launch a new career.

If you are a non-profit that would like to partner with us, click here. Our board meets semi-annually to select our partners.